Increasing sexual activities in Gujarat during Navratri

Tweet by comedian Atul Khatri (@one_by_two): “On behalf of the Global Association of Condom Manufacturers & All India Medical Shop Owners Consortium wishing everyone a Happy Navratri.”

There is increase in sexual activities during Navratri in Gujarat and rest of India.
I am creating awareness about this issue among worldwide media since 2011.
My milestone achievement is, I could able to highlight this issue on Aaj Tak, India's biggest news channel and Peshawar News, first ever news release on this issue in Pakistan during Navratri 2011. Now I am looking forward to reach to unreached masses though media.

Please go through the below links on this topic which has appeared in the Indian & International media during past few years.

1) Outlookindia 1.11.1999 Foetal Attractions

2) The Times of India 16.10.2001 Have you booked your hotel room yet?

3) The Times of India 21.10.2002 Parents turn to private eyes to snoop on kids

4) The Times of India 29.09.2003 Cupid's arrow strikes Gujarat

5) The Times of India 15.10.2004 AIDS campaigners warn navratri revellers looking for sex

6) The Times of India 16.10.2004 Going for garba pick that condom

7) The Times of India 29.09.2005 Call the bellboy for a condom

8) The Times of India 10.10.2005 Solved: Post- navratri abortions

9) The Times of India 13.10.2005 We know what you did this navratri

10) The Times of India 18.10.2005 You have a message!

11) Unicef Organisastion 2005 UNICEF spreads HIV / AIDS awareness during navratri

12) IBNLive News video 28.09.2006 Fest Boom: Surat condom sales soars
As there is ban on YouTube in Pakistan, for watching these news videos in Pakistan, please visit my video channel  Dailymotion 

13) The Times of India 28.09.2006 Passion sizzles during navratri

14) The Times of India 05.10.2006 Vends take the unease out of buying rubber

15) India Currents 13.10.2006 Experiencing navratri in Gujarat

16) Express India 05.10.2007 This navratri no condom promotion

17) Express India 13.10.2007 navratri NGOs gear up to spread AIDS awareness

18) IBNLive News video 14.10.2007 As kids live it up on 9 nights, parents play spy games

19) UK Reuters 19.10.2007 Indian festival is boom for private detectives

20) DNA India 29.09.2008 Raas over, couples dance to bold tunes of heart

21) The Times of India 03.10.2008 This navratri no free condom from AMC

22) DNA India 04.10.2008 A private eye is watching you this navratri

23) DNA India 06.10.2008 As garba season sizzles, condom sales hot up

24) The Times of India 18.09.2009 Record-breaking attempt to spread AIDS awareness at garba ...

25) The Times of India 18.09.2009 Spyware helps parents track kids during navratri

26) Red FM 93.5 Radio 29.09.2009 navratri and increase in sale of pills and condom

27) The Times of India 01.10.2009 City may create world record for spreading AIDS ...

28) Mid-Day 07.10.2010 Post- navratri abortions on wane: doctors

29) TV9 Gujarat News video 08.10.2010 Beware, detectives watching you in this navratri

30) Mid-Day 11.10.2010 How hiring spies paid off for parents

31) Hindustan Times 11.10.2010 You are being watched

32) Jay Hind Comedy Show 04.11.2010 Hot Couple : dandiya & Gujarati

33) IBNLive News video 16.09.2011 detectives do brisk biz on dandiya nights

34) Navbharat Times 25.09.2011 Keep in control, Here comes dandiya detectives

35) Mid-Day 25.09.2011 The navratri 3G detectives are on the prowl, kids

36) The Times of India 26.09.2011 This garba season, boys also target of parental snooping

37) The Times of India 26.09.2011 Desi James Bonds use micro camera, mobile trackers

38) Aaj Tak News video 29.09.2011 navratri and detectives 

39) Sahara Samay News video 29.09.2011 navratri and detectives

40) News 24 News video 02.10.2011 navratri and detectives

41) TV 9 Maharashtra News video 04.10.2011 navratri and detectives

42) Saam TV News video 19.10.2011 navratri and detectives

43) Peshawar News Live News video 23.12.2011 navratri abortions contraceptives and AIDS

44) India West 29.09.2012 Laila Khan in Play Safe navratri campaign

45) Reuters India 01.10.2012 Forty-three short stories about sex and navratri

Repetition of this news on our Indian Express group,
(a) The Financial Express 02.10.2012
(b) The Indian Express 23.10.2012

46) DNA India 12.10.2012 'Pvt Eyes' get ready to foil Ahmedabad kids' footloose plans

47) VTV Gujarati News video 15.10.2012 Parents are taking the detectives assigned

48) InTV News video 18.10.2012 or Youtube navratri and detectives

49) The Times of India 18.10.2012 Families hire sleuths to snoop on children attending all-night ...

50) Khabar Ibnlive 18.10.2012 navratri and detectives services by parents

51) Navbharat Times 18.10.2012 navratri festival and detectives

52) DNA India 21.10.2012 Dancing the nine nights away!

53) The Times of India 22.10.2012 Woman files rape complaint against boyfriend ...

54) Dainik Bhaskar 01.10.2013 Spy Demand increased in Garba

55) Navbharat Times 04.10.2013 Dandiya came Detectives

56) The Times of India 09.10.2013 What's your daughter doing this Navratri?

57) Hindustan Times 10.10.2013 Youngsters hire detectives to keep an eye on fathers in Navratri

58) The Times of India 22.09.2014 Women dance in provocative clothes during Navratri

Repetition of this news
     Zee News 22.09.2014 News video

59) Hindustan Times 01.10.2015 I spy: Detectives share weird cases they get during Navratri 

60) DNA India 03.10.2015 Outrageous Navratri garba rules: Muslims banned

61) India TV News 13.10.2015 Shocking! Condom sales increase by 25-50% during Navratri-Garba in Gujarat

62) Ahmedabad Mirror 14.10.2015 Beware of the desi Sherlock Holmes

63) The Times of India - Ahmedabad 17.10.2015 Navratri times: Private eyes to spy on oldies

64) Mumbai Mirror 07.10.2016  For Mumbai’s Detectives, It’s Dandiya ‘Raaz’!

65)  ETBrandEquity 11.10.2016 Curious case of Navratri and condom sales: Fiction or marketing opportunity?

9 Years Navratri Future Planner

Navratri is celebrated as per Hindu calendar hence dates are not fixed for Navratri every year. Generally it comes in the month of September and October months.

1) Navratri in 2017 will be from 21st of September to 29th of September.
2) Navratri in 2018 will be from 9th of October to 17th of October.
3) Navratri in 2019 will be from 29th of September to 7th of October.
4) Navratri in 2020 will be from 17th of October to 25th of October.
5) Navratri in 2021 will be from 7th of October to 15th of October.
6) Navratri in 2022 will be from 26th of September to 5th of October.
7) Navratri in 2023 will be from 15th of October to 23rd of October.
8) Navratri in 2024 will be from 3rd of October to 11th of October.
9) Navratri in 2025 will be from 22nd of September to 1st of October.